CCI's Notification Roles

Notification Roles:

These roles are for receiving role based pings

Notification Roles

Drexel Services

  • This role gets pinged when a Drexel or CCI related service is not functioning. Some examples include, Outlook (Microsoft) not functioning, Dragonfly3 is down (Drexel), or Tux is not operating (CCI)


  • These are announcements that are not extremely urgent or important to notify the entire CCI community. Instead of bothering @everyone, the Announcements role allows you to decide if you want pings for general server or non-urgent announcments

CCI Jobs

  • This role is for anyone interested in student jobs at CCI. Some of the most common job postings include: Peer Mentor, Teaching/Course Assistant, or iCommons Student Assistant


  • This roles is for events hosted by CCI or a Drexel owned club/organization (Such as Women in Computing Society)
  • If you would like to share Drexel events fill out this form