Discord FAQ


I need an invite link to the Discord Server. How do I get it?

  • For a variety of reasons, we don't use normal Discord invite links to add students to our server. All CCI students received an email in Fall 2021 which included a link to our sign-up page
  • For understandable reasons, you may have not checked your email and it got buried or you accidentally deleted and cannot find it now
  • No worries! Just join here and share with your CCI friends!
  • Visit this page if you have any issue joining the server

How do I join my course server?

  • Courses do not have their own servers managed by CCI, instead they have "categories" which act as a bucket for various text channels courses are using. You can find your course categories by scrolling down the list of channels past the CLC
  • As of January 2022, the only course that CCI officially provides a server to is CCI Senior Design
  • CST Senior Design and all CCI courses conduct Discord activities in our primary server labeled CCI @ Drexel University
  • Course category access is assigned automatically starting after finals week and through out the start of the quarter. You do not have to do anything to gain access other than make sure you are enrolled

I don't see all my classes in the Discord server?

  • This server is only for CCI courses. Courses such as Math, Sciences, Art, or any other non-CCI course will not have a category in our server 
  • Not every course at CCI uses our Discord server. Using Discord for courses is up to the discretion of each professor, therefore sometimes only certain sections will be using Discord
  • You may have registered late (After the end of finals week). Discord is not a Drexel owned service, and processing course enrollments take time in Discord. If you register for a course after finals week (During break week, week 1, etc) you may not have access to course categories until days after you register 

I am registered for CCI courses that should be using Discord but I don't see the categories?

  • There are more reasons that you might not see all courses that are using Discord even if you are registered on time. This page has a list of the most common reasons why you may be unable to find your categories along with solutions to try

Can non-CCI students join the CCI Discord?

  • Non-CCI students can only join the CCI Discord if they are taking a CCI course, and it has to be a CCI course that uses Discord.
  • Otherwise, non-CCI students are not allowed to join the CCI Discord.