SSHFS for Mac

  1. Install OSXFuse and SSHFS from (choose the stable release packages).
  2. You'll need to have admin access to the computer to install OSXFuse
  3. When you install OSXFuse, you'll need to allow the system extension. Click "OK" at this popup:
  4. From the installer, click the button that says "Open Security & Privacy System Preferences":
  5. In the Security & Privacy System Preference pane, click "Allow" to let your Mac load the system extension:
  6. Open the Terminal on your Mac. It is usually located under Applications > Utilities and the icon looks like this:
  7. When you open your terminal, you'll be in your home folder. 
  8. Your HOME FOLDER is the BEST place usually to put your SSH mount. 
    We do NOT recommend mounting at a root level (top-most level) of your computer.
  9. Run the following command to make a folder named tux in your home directory:
mkdir tux

10. Run the following command to mount your Tux home directory in your tux folder that you just created. Replace <<Username>> with your Tux username.

sshfs -o allow_other,defer_permissions <<Username>><<Username>>/ tux/

11.. To disconnect from Tux, go to your home folder (cd ~ from the terminal) and type 

umount tux/