Zoom not working and Troubleshooting

Basic Troubleshooting

Screenshare Shortcut Key

If someone cannot figure out how to screenshare, especially if you are trying to assist them, tell them to use the following shortcut key combination

  • Alt + S
  • Tell them to press and hold the Alt key. And then keep the Alt key held down, while they tap the S key once. Repeat these instructions slowy for a non-tech savvy user.
  • This shortcut allows the user to screen-share without having to find the share button

Echoes and Sound Artifacts

  • If possible, use a headset with a microphone, or AirPods or very good alternatives.
    NO cheap bluetooth headphones with mics!
    Your own external speakers play audio that the microphone picks up.
    And others in the meeting could have the same thing going on.
    It's a lot for echo cancellation to handle at times.
    AirPods or headsets reduce what microphones pick-up, except for your own voice.
  • Everyone in the same physical room as the host user
    should *mute their computer microphones and computer speaker volume.*

    The host user is the exception.
    The host user should NOT mute their computer microphone and computer speakers...
    UNLESS the host use is using a phone or speakerphone for audio.
    Then the host indeed should mute their computer microphone & computer speakers.

Zoom Lags or Freezes or Audio is Delayed

Try one or more of these suggestions.

  • All hosts, presenters, panelists, or participants:
    mute your audio if you are not speaking much.
  • All hosts, presenters, panelists, or participants:
    turn off your video, unless truly needed.
    Instructors or others requiring video to appear may need to be flexible on that requirement.
  • If someone is screen sharing, have that person stop,
    and adjust the resolution on their computer to 1920 x 1080p (or i) or below.
    Then re-share screen.
    Any scaling you choose is fine.
  • Close any open applications or browser tabs or windows not needed for the meeting.
  • Closing non-essential apps in the lower right (System Tray) in Windows,
    or upper right (Menu Bar) in Mac, if you can.
    Click the ^ in Windows (lower right) and right-click.
    Close any messaging apps, Adobe apps, Microsoft apps not needed for this meeting.
  • Leave the Zoom meeting.
    Update the Zoom app installed on your computer.
    Re-enter the meeting.
  • Try updating Zoom. See link below.
    Zoom Updating or Updates
  • Participants on their own personal WiFi network
    might to try shutting down any other devices
    on their personal WiFi network
    to increase the overall available bandwidth.

Recovering a Deleted a Scheduled Meeting or a Recording

Invalid Meeting ID or Invalid Meeting Number Error

Zoom Crashes

Try one or more of these suggestions.

  • See what we suggest in the Zoom Lags or Freezes or Audio is Delayed section above.
  • If you are using another application, and Zoom is crashing:
    uninstall/reinstall that application.
  • Use with OneNote has been an issue at times. Close OneNote.
  • Close and use less than 8 tabs in whatever web browser you have. 
    Removing unknown or unused add-ons and extensions and clearing cache/history can help.
    Link below has instructions.
    Clear Browser Cache & History.
  • Do not use "Gallery" mode. It is resource intensive.
    More info:
  • Uninstall & reinstall Zoom.
  • Reboot your device.
  • In the Zoom app, go to
    Settings > Video Settings > Advanced.
    Under "Use hardware acceleration for", uncheck ALL option.
  • If you still have problems after trying all the above,
    try to change "Video Rendering Method" to "Direct3D11."
    You may also want to Google this:
    Best Zoom Video Rendering Method
    and include the make, model, and/or OS of your computer in the search phrase.
  • If the above does not help, doing a more thorough update of drives, BIOS,
    and such can help in Windows.
    See link below.
    Properly Update Windows 10 & Drivers in Windows 10

If nothing above helps, or you need other help with Drexel CCI classes or meetings, please reach out to ihelp@drexel.edu for further assistance.