Zoom Accessibility

Here is Zoom’s accessibility page

It is recommended to get Drexel’s ODR involved,
if this is for an event that where special accommodations are specifically required.

Or if you have a student with an AVR letter in a class in which you are using Zoom,
and the letter states needs related to lectures and lecture recordings pertinent to Zoom

You should likely also email zoomadmin@drexel.edu ,
if this is for an event that where special accommodations are required

Meeting host or participants can control font-size and multi-spotlight pinning,
or people using pinning on their own.
And Zoom has a number of built-in accessibility features.
See above Zoom link.

Zoom automated live captioning is good,
but it’s our understanding that it’s not ADA-compliant,
or at least you need a transcriptionist to create a final transcript or caption for any audio or video recording.

It’s safest to have a human live transcriptionist or captioner,
if at all possible and if needed for the situations mentioned above.

Regardless, you'll need the blessing of Drexel’s disability@drexel.edu and/or zoomadmin@drexel.edu
to just use the auto-captioning for the automated live captioning feature in Zoom.

But you definitely need disability@drexel.edu and zoomadmin@drexel.edu
to definitely answer questions about live captioning or live transcribing,
or obtaining services for that.

You definitely need a human transcriptionist or captioner involved in providing transcriptions or captions for recordings. Again, disability@drexel.edu can often help with that,
if for a student with an AVL letter or for an event where accommodations are specifically required.

Drexel disability@drexel.edu may be able to help with human-made transcribing or human-made captioning. They may be able to pay for a 3rd-party service, or that’s my understanding.

Human-made transcribing or human-made captioning is not something any of the Drexel CCI full-time tech staff can do,
nor can any of the Drexel CCI tech support student assistants.

Nor can we create textual descriptions of images, scenes, graphs, etc.

There is a way to have a paid professional captioning service either have someone live caption,
or provide an automated captioning for live streaming.

Below is a link with more info.