Tux Web Services -- Jupyterhub


Jupyterhub is a Tux Web Service, here you can find more info on Tux Web Services.

Instructions for Connecting to Jupyterhub

1. Login to the Drexel Cisco VPN application first.

See our VPN Connection Instructions if you need help.

2. Login to Tux in a Terminal window by typing in the following, with your user id in place of "tux_userid";

ssh tux_userid@tux.cs.drexel.edu

If you don't know how to connect to Tux, here you can find some more detailed instructions.

3. Once you have successfully logged in, Type in the following command:

ssh jupyterhub

4. Now, in a web browser, visit:


Login with your Tux credentials at the above website.

5. If you encounter an error or problem while following these steps, contact the CCI Helpdesk with a screenshot of the issue.