iOS MFA notification/Sign In

We (Drexel ITG) have discovered a minor issue with iOS users trying to sign into Drexel-provided apps. These apps include Health Checker and Blackboard. It is important, if you are using push notifications from the Microsoft Authenticator app as your default method of multi-factor authentication (MFA), that you swipe down on the banner notification and select Approve. If you only tap the notification, it will bring you into the Authenticator app and might not pass the approval to the Drexel-provided app.

To prevent missing the notification, set your banner style notification for the Microsoft Authenticator app to Persistent.

To do this, on your device go to Settings (Device Settings) > Authenticator > Notifications > set Banner Style to Persistent.

If you continue to have issues signing in despite these steps, you can turn off App Lock within Microsoft Authenticator. Microsoft Authenticator > Triple bar (upper left corner) > Settings > toggle App Lock to the Off position. Note that turning off App Lock will now allow you to use the Authenticator without FaceID, TouchID, or passcode, but you might want to consider re-enabling it in the future.

If you have further questions, contact the Drexel IT Help Desk at or see Troubleshooting Drexel App Sign-Ins on iOS.