Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Pre-Record Lectures in Bb Collaborate Ultra

Pre-Recording Lectures in Bb Collaborate Ultra

You can use Bb Collaborate Ultra to pre-record lectures that will reside in your Bb Learn course section. Just use the instructions below in the next section. Use Bb Collaborate Ultra when you are the only one using Ultra in your course section (only one in your course room or session). Use the screen sharing feature and the record feature. 

Do a short < 1 minute recording as a test first.

Video Instructions (Basics)

Written Instructions

  1. Enter a Bb Learn course section.
  2. If not already present, create a "Bb Collaborate Ultra" link in the left navigation panel.
    Here's how:
    Click the circled (+) sign at the top of the left-hand course menu.
    Click "Tool Link."
    Enter "Bb Collaborate Ultra" for the "Name."
    For "Type," choose "Blackboard Collaborate Ultra."
    Check the "Available to Users" box to make the link available to students.
    Click "Submit."

  3. Click the "Bb Collaborate Ultra" link in the left navigation panel.
  4. Click "Get launch link."
  5. Click "Join Course Room."
  6. Click "Join from a browser,"
    if you are on a laptop or desktop computer.
  7. Click "Allow" or "Okay" or "Share,"
    if prompted (once or multiple times).
    Do this now, and for any future steps.

Video Overview -- How to Use Bb Collaborate Ultra

Written Instructions -- How to Use Bb Collaborate Ultra

  1. Text Chat
    Click purple arrow in the lower right.
    Click speech bubble in lower right.
    Chat with everyone or choose specific people from top drop-down menu in right panel.
    Type in your messages in box at bottom of right panel.

     You currently cannot see when someone is composing a message.

    Note: Text chat is *now* captured during recordings.

  2. Let Others Hear You -- Audio:
    Click the crossed out microphone icon.
  3. Audio Issues?
    Click purple arrow in the lower right.
    Click gear icon in lower right.
    Click to expand "Audio and Video Settings."
    Click "Set up your camera and microphone."
    Follow the on-screen instructions.

    If you still can't resolve your audio issues:
    Click "Use your phone for audio."
    Call by phone with provided phone & PIN numbers.
    See Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Join by Phone
  4. Let Others See You -- Video:
    Click the crossed out camera icon.
  5. Share your Computer Display, or a PowerPoint Presentation:
    Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Sharing your Computer Display or PowerPoint

    Click square with arrow icon > "Share Application" > "Entire Screen."

    Webcam video will not appear in recordings by default when you use the whiteboard.
    A work-around is provided at the link below.

    Click the purple arrow in the lower right, if right panel not already expanded.
  6. Use the Whiteboard:
    Click "Share Blank Whiteboard."
    You cannot tell who is writing on the whiteboard,
    if more than 2 people are allowed to write on the whiteboard in a Bb Collaborate Ultra room or session.
    Use the provided tool icons to write on the whiteboard.

    More information on what these tool icons do:

    If you need students to see webcam video,
    either stop using Ultra's whiteboard,
    or use the work-around solution below.
  7. If you need to screen or application share *AND* have webcam video,
    open the Windows "Camera" app or Mac's QuickTime,
    and bring up the movie or video recording window.
    Don't start recording.
    Just bring up up the window showing the webcam video to the foreground on your computer display
    when you want students to see what you are writing while screen sharing in Ultra.
    Expand the window if necessary.
    For help with doing this on a Mac,
    see QuickTime -- INCLUDE -- Basics
  8. To Share a File:
    Click the purple arrow in the lower right (if right panel not already expanded).
    Click square with arrow icon > "Share Application" > "Entire Screen" > "Share Files."
    Follow the onscreen instructions to share files.
    The only file types that can be loaded in to a Bb Collaborate Ultra session are:
    GIF, JPG, PNG, PDF, and PowerPoint.
    All files must be less that 60 MB in size.
  9. (Moderators Only) Make Someone a Presenter:
    Click purple arrow in the lower right.
    Click peg-people icon or Attendees icon.
    Hover your mouse pointer over a Participant you want to make a Presenter.
    Click the ... icon next to that person's name.
    Click "Make presenter."(Moderators Only)
  10. To Mute All:
    Click purple arrow in the lower right.
    Click peg-people icon or Attendees icon
    Click the ... icon next in upper right.
    Then click "Mute All.
    Muted attendees see a notification telling them that the moderator has muted their microphone.
    Attendees can turn their microphone back on after being muted.

Re-Using Recordings in Future Quarters

Bb Collaborate Ultra recordings do not get copied over during a course copy, but they are not deleted from your current or previous Bb Learn course sections either.

You can easily add them to another or future Bb Learn course section using the Kaltura tool.

Here is how to download Bb Collaborate Ultra recordings.