Workaround for pygame on arm-based MacBook

Python programs referencing pygame terminate with an error when being run in Thonny on Macs with arm processors (M-family of chips). 

A workaround is to execute python files using the Terminal app on your Mac instead of running it through Thonny. Follow the steps below to run your .py file using a Terminal:

  1. Press Cmd+Space Bar on your Mac and search for the 'Terminal" app. Terminal opens up in your User folder by default
  2. Navigate to the folder with the .py file to be executed with pygame (the folder where you saved the file using Thonny)
  3. Ensure the file has executable permissions using "chmod +x <>"
  4. Execute the file using the command "python3 <>"

Please feel free to contact your course TA/instructor or email for further assistance.