Zoom -- Recording -- Share or Download from Zoom or Kaltura Drexel Streams

Quick Instructions

  • You can just record yourself in a Zoom meeting your schedule.
  • Or you can record a meeting with others, if you are doing group work.
  • Do a 30-second test recording first.
  • Make sure your mic is picking up sound in the recording.
  • Make sure you screenshare if you need to demonstrate something on your computer.
  • Turn on your webcam in Zoom if you need to record yourself.
  • Below is how to enable/use the cloud/online recording option in Zoom.
  • https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/203741855-Cloud-recording

Record to the Cloud (Online) in Zoom

  • Personal Meeting Room recordings may NOT be automatically uploaded to Drexel Streams (Kaltura).
    In that case, see the "Download Recording in Zoom" section below.
  • When you record a Zoom meeting, you have 2 options.
    "Record to the computer"
    "Record to the cloud"
  • We recommend "Record to the Cloud."
    Drexel Zoom Pro recordings made to the cloud are backed up to Drexel Streams (Kaltura).
    And the recordings are more easily accessible and less likely to be lost in the cloud.
    We'll cover how to find/obtain either option here.
  • Do NOT edit recordings in Zoom.
    They are not real edits.
    When you download from Zoom, your unedited video will be downloaded, not your edited video.

Find Recordings in Zoom

  1. Visit https://drexel.zoom.us in a web browser.
    (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, etc.)
  2. Sign in on the Drexel Connect screen (if prompted).
    Approve MFA if prompted.
  3. Click "Recordings" in left nav.
  4. If you recorded to your computer:
    The Local Recordings tabs you what computer name and folder path to find where the recording was saved.
    If you moved the recording on that computer later on, then this info may not be accurate.
    If you're not sure of your computer's name, check each of the computer's you use.
  5. If you record to the cloud:
    The Cloud Recordings tab will list your recordings in the Zoom's cloud storage system.
    Recordings to Cloud for Drexel Zoom are kept for 126 days in the Zoom cloud. Then deleted.
    Recordings to Cloud for Drexel Zoom are also automatically backed up to Drexel Streams (Kaltura).
    The Drexel Streams (Kaltura) copy remains indefinitely.

Share or Download Recordings

You can Share or Download these recordings in a few ways.
  1. Download from Zoom
  2. Share from Drexel Streams (Kaltura)
  3. Download from Drexel Streams (Kaltura) is Complicated

We'll cover each in turn below.

Download Recording in Zoom

Share from Drexel Streams (Kaltura)

Download from Drexel Streams (Kaltura) is Complicated


  • Downloading Drexel Streams or Kaltura video is NOT necessary, generally, if you record to cloud (except for Personal Meetings).
  • You can play Drexel Streams or Kaltura videos fine in your web browser.
  • If you are not the creator/owner of the video, downloading a video is complicated.
  • Downloading video is not necessary for submitting assignments, generally.
  • Few instructors need it. A few may want it, and will tell you that, but very, very, very few will actually need it.
  • Recordings cannot be downloaded from an embedded player window in Bb Learn.
  • Links to the video on the Drexel Streams website can allow downloads.

More information at link below.