Camtasia is a fairly powerful option for editing video and audio all Drexel faculty, active adjuncts, and staff and highly recommended. Students cannot get a license for Camtasia.

You can screen record from your computer while capturing audio and webcam video with it, and it has a number of features.

Instructional Video

Getting a Camtasia License

If you would like to get the latest version of Camtasia or upgrade your existing version, you will need to attend an online training session with DU IT (formerly Drexel IRT).

Online Camtasia training involves reviewing 10 videos online and 1 document and taking the Camtasia Proficiency Quiz, which will make you eligible for having DU IT set-up a new Camtasia license on your computer.

The DU IT training videos and document, and the Camtasia Proficiency Quiz, are all available at the webpage below.

NOTE: If you import a video clip into Camtasia, Camtasia now auto-adjusts audio levels. The original clip file’s audio levels remain unchanged.

I Want A Camtasia License NOW!

Visit the website below, skip down to & click to expand "Module 11," and take the quiz. You need an 80% or 85% or so to pass. You can retake the quiz if you get a lower score. Once you pass, will send you an email to set-up a license on your computer and within Self Service or Software Center. You have to pass the quiz, but once you do, if you are in a hurry, email in a separate email, and let them know. Also, try calling 215-895-1224 and leave a message, and ask for a pro staff member to contact you soon and get this added.

Camtasia Quiz is in Module 11 at link below. Click to expand Module 11.

Adding Video and Audio Files to Bb Learn -- Instructors Only

Instructors and course assistants can add video or audio to Bb Learn. See the webpage below for instructions.


Providing captioning for videos you create is highly recommended. The following webpage will provide instructions for automatically generating captions.

Get Quizzes in Camtasia into Kaltura Drexel Streams and Bb Learn