Zoom -- Adding Co-Hosts or Alternate Hosts

Make Someone Host or Co-Host During a Meeting

You need to be the host, usually.

Pre-Meeting -- Make Someone Host or Co-Host

  1. Go to https://drexel.zoom.us
    Click "Sign In Standard" & login.
  2. Click "Meetings" > "Schedule a New Meeting."
    Or click an existing meeting.
  3. Fill out the meeting schedule form.
    At the bottom of the form...
    Enter the Drexel email address(es) in the “Alternative Hosts” field.
    FIRST try their short form email address.
    Their Drexel userid followed by @drexel.edu .
  4. Click “Save” to schedule the meeting.

Pre-Meeting -- If Email Does Not Work to Add Someone as a Co-Host

If the short form email doesn't work, and it is a Drexel person, you need their long-form email address.

  • Everyone at Drexel has a short and long email address.
    Email sent to either end up in the same email address,
    but we need to use the long form for Drexel people.
  • One way to get the Drexel long form email address
    is to look up the other person in the Drexel Directory at
  • Click the person's name if you do not see their email address.
  • Another way to get someone's long form Drexel email address
    is for that person to go to https://drexel.zoom.us ,
    click “Sign In Standard,” login,
    and look on their “Profile” page for what their “Sign-In Email” is,
    and send that email address to you (the Host).
  • A final way is to email Mike Galloway & give him 1-2 business days.
    Provide him with the Drexel userid (not student or employee ID #'s) and full name.
  • Only short or long form Drexel emails are needed for Drexel people.
  • Non-Drexel people should provide the email address associated with their Zoom account.

Alternative Instructions