Zoom -- Claim Host Role during a Meeting

If you are not logging in as a host, and instead first clicking a link to join Zoom as a participant, and then want to become a host, here's what to do.

  1. Click "Participants" at bottom of Zoom.
    Participants icon in Zoom meeting window v2.png
  2. Click "Claim Host"
    Claim Host button in Participants panel in Zoo v2.png
  3. Click "Login to Claim Host."
    Login to Claim Host link Claim Host window v2.png
  4. Click "SSO Login with SSO."
    Zoom host login window v2.png

  5. Enter "drexel" (no quotes) next to "zoom.us."

  6. Then click "Continue."

You are now the "host" (and can record the meeting).

And "Host" now appears next to your name in the "Participants panel.

Host label for host in Participants panel in Z v2.png