Putty SCP or PSCP


PSCP is PuTTY SCP or PuTTY Secure Copy of files to/from a local computer to a remote server or server node, or secure copy of files between servers or server nodes.

Generally, we recommend the following over PSCP:

If your instructor really wants someone to use PSCP to copy files, or you simply are curious or have a different need that PSCP could assist with, feel free to proceed, but the above options are usually easier.

PSCP PuTTY - set env variables

  1. Search "Control Panel" from the Search bar.
    pscp PuTTY - set env variables 0

  2. Clicked "Edit the system environment variables" from the “System” session.
    pscp PuTTY - set env variables 1

  3. Choose "Advanced" from the top menu bar.
    Then choose "Environment Variables" at the bottom right. 
    pscp PuTTY - set env variables 2

  4. Check the path address of user variables.
    Clicked the "Edit" button under the "System variables" session.
    pscp PuTTY - set env variables 3

  5. Choose the path of PuTTY then clicked "Edit".
    pscp PuTTY - set env variables 4

Video Instructions

Written Instructions

The following Cornell University website has excellent written instructions for using PSCP.