Office 365 - Mail Merge

Mail Merge

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  1. Choose "Mailings" from the menu bar
    Choose "Start Mail Merge"
    Mail Merge A

  2. Click "Select Recipients"
    Choose "User an Existing List..." on the dropdown selection
    Mail Merge B

  3. Click "Insert Merge Field"
    Mail Merge C

  4. Choose the right field on the dropdown
    Mail Merge D

  5. Click "Preview Results" if you want to see name and information
    Use arrow keeps to move to previous or next record
    Mail Merge E

  6. Click "Finish & Merge"
    Choose "Merge to E-mail"
    Mail Merge F

  7. Click "Send As" dropdown
    Choose "HTML Message"
    Mail Merge G

  8. Choose "To" dropdown
    Choose proper recipient
    Mail Merge H

  9. Enter subject line in Email
    Open Outlook
    Click "Mail Merge To Outlook"
    Mail Merge I