Changing Names in Zoom


  1. Click "Participants" icon to open "Participants" right nav panel.
    Zoom Meeting Participants Panel Small v2.png
  2. Hover over your name in the "Participants" panel.
    Click "More" > "Rename."
    Right clicking User within Participantspanel v2.png
  3. Enter your new name, and click "Rename."
    Changing name in Zoom Meeting Small v2.png

Note: Additionally, always make sure you are using
and in the installed Zoom app that you are signed in with your Drexel username and password,
using the SSO or Sign in with SSO option.

You should NOT use personal Zoom for Drexel business or Drexel teaching or Drexel research.

Permanently Change Your Name in Zoom

Names in Zoom when logged into Drexel Zoo Pro accounts are tied to your official name for all of your Drexel accounts.

If you want your name to appear as something else,
it should still appear as your official name for all of your Drexel accounts,
but you can fix errors with your official name by contacting

If your Drexel Zoom name does not match your Drexel official name,