Zoom -- Missing or Lost or Deleted Zoom Recordings


  1. Login to https://drexel.zoom.us/, login if prompted.
  2. Click "Recordings" in left nav.
  3. Check under the "Cloud Recordings" tab first.
    "Cloud Recordings" in Drexel Zoom take 126 days to expire.
  4. And then check the "Local Recordings" tab second.

  5. Also, "Cloud Recordings" in Drexel Zoom are automatically backed up to Drexel Kaltura Streams at https://drexel.edu/it/streams Login if prompted
  6. Click "My Media." Scroll or browse what is there.
  7. If its old recording:
    Go to your OneDrive at https://portal.office.com
    and login,
    and click the 9-dot-square icon in the upper left,
    and click the "OneDrive" cloud icon.
  8. If you still cant find the recording,
    then contact zoom support zoomadmin@drexel.edu
    They will able to assist to get the recording or help to retrieve it.