Zoom -- Invalid Meeting ID or Invalid Meeting Number

If you click a Zoom meeting link,
and you get an error that says something like:
"Invalid Meeting ID" or "Invalid Meeting Number,"
here's what to do.

  1. Check the original Zoom meeting link information you were provided in an email or on a website.
  2. Check that the Meeting ID number in the web address of the Zoom link (URL or web address),
    or that the Zoom link in general of the web address,
    is correct.
  3. If this was in a class, also look in the Bb Learn course section where the link was originally shared.
    Again, check that the Meeting ID number or that Zoom link in general of the web address posted in Bb Learn is what you are using.
    Sometimes, an instructor or TA may need to change a Zoom link.
    And it's possible you missed an email.
    Or the instructor or TA didn't get a chance yet to inform you of the changed Zoom link.
  4. Also, try one or more the following:
    Sign out of the Zoom app on your computer.
    Sign out of Zoom in the web browser
    Sign back in at https://drexel.zoom.us/.
    Sign into your Zoom app using your Drexel account.
    And use the SSO option to sign in.
    Enter "drexel.zoom.us" if prompted.
    Or "drexel" (no quotes) before ".zoom.us."
    Then try clicking the Zoom link again.

If you have questions on SSO sign-in for Drexel Pro accounts, see the following: