XAMPP - For Apple Silicon M1 Macs or Monterey and above

Here is how to install XAMPP for Mac M1 or any version above Monterey.

Installing XAMPP

  1. Head over to one of the following links and download the latest version of XAMPP.
  2. Make sure the downloaded installer is the real Mac OS installer and not a VM.
    XAMPP - Instruction 1
    XAMPP - Instruction 2
  3. Open the .dmg file and install the program like normal.

Mounting New Volume

The latest version of XAMPP does not provide a new volume mount option. Instead, you can follow these steps to emulate the option.

  1. Under manage server, make sure each server is running.
    XAMPP - Instruction 3
  2. Press command + shift + period, to display hidden files.
    XAMPP - Instruction 4
  3. Open finder.
  4. Click on "Desktop" and on the Mac taskbar, click on "View" and "Show Path Bar".
    XAMPP - Instruction 5
  5. Doubleclick Macintosh HD or what's in its place.
    XAMPP - Instruction 6
  6. Navigate to XAMPP's htdocs folder and place the volume you would have selected in the folder.
    XAMPP - Instruction 7


  • Example of localhost phpMyAdmin
    XAMPP - Example 1
  • Example of localhost server file path
    XAMPP - Example 2
  • Example of where files are located in Mac Terminal
    XAMPP - example 3
  • Example of accessing incorrect file path
    XAMPP - example 4
  • Example of localhost server file path
    XAMPP - example 5