Krisp.AI Install and Usage Instructions

Instructions on how to install sound removal software

Go to the website here and download the free version of krisp.

Krisp Free.png

Next page will prompt you to create an account to download the application.

Krisp Sign up.png

Verify your email, and then the software should auto-download.

Krisp package.png

Go through the regular installer whether .exe or .pkg.

Krisp package install.png

Next is to make sure your sound inputs are setup to use krisp. Below is an example screenshot.

Krisp setup and usage.png

Use the drop down menus to choose your sound settings correctly. This could be an internal mic, external mic, speakers etc. In Zoom/Teams/Skype/Whatever video conferencing software you use, you will need to select Krisp as the mic input. Also make sure to flip on the "remove noise" slider shown in the screenshot above.

WARNING: You only get 120 minutes a WEEK for the free version, if you need more, you will need to upgrade!