Enabling Hyperion in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10


The following steps are to enable Microsoft Edge to access Hyperion.
This only needs to be completed one time to enable Hyperion.

  1. Off-campus? Make sure you are connected to Drexel's VPN.
    See VPN if you haven't set-up your Drexel VPN (Cisco AnyConnect application) before.
  2. Open the "Software Center" app from the Star menu or Windows menu button in the bottom left corner.
    Then type in "Software Center."
    Or browse for it there in All Applications or Programs. It's under M and in the "Microsoft Endpoint" folder.
  3. Find & click on the "Enable Hyperion MSEdge Support" in "Software Center."


  4. Click "Install" for "Enable Hyperion MSEdge Support"


  5. Close and re-open (or just open) the Microsoft Edge web browser.
    Visit this web address: edge://compat/enterprise
    Confirm the domain list contains "//reporting.drexel.edu".
    If you do not see the domain, scroll to the top of the list, & click on the "Force Update" button.


  6. The above just gets things prepared in Windows.
    See next section for using Hyperion in Microsoft Edge in Windows.

Actually Using Hyperion in Microsoft Edge in Windows


  1. Check that you can navigate Hyperion by clicking on folders and reports.
    Depending on your monitor setup you may need to adjust the browser zoom (100%),
    Click the ... or 3-dot icon in upper right of web browser to adjust zoom levels.
  2. Restart browser.

Running a Hyperion Report

Find examples at:

More Hyperion Help