Enabling Hyperion in Microsoft Edge in Windows 10


You can use Microsoft Edge -- and not the Horizone VMware application or website -- to access Hyperion.

The following steps are to enable Microsoft Edge to access Hyperion.
This only needs to be completed one time to enable Hyperion.

  1. Off-campus? Make sure you are connected to Drexel's VPN.
    See VPN if you haven't set-up your Drexel VPN (Cisco AnyConnect application) before.
  2. Open the "Software Center" app from the Star menu or Windows menu button in the bottom left corner.
    Then type in "Software Center."
    Or browse for it there in All Applications or Programs. It's under M and in the "Microsoft Endpoint" folder.
  3. Find & click on the "Enable Hyperion MSEdge Support" in "Software Center."


  4. Click "Install" for "Enable Hyperion MSEdge Support"


  5. Close and re-open (or just open) the Microsoft Edge web browser.
    Visit this web address: edge://compat/enterprise
    Confirm the domain list contains *://reporting.drexel.edu

    If you do not see the domain,
    scroll to the top of the list, & click on the "Force Update" button.

  6. You may want to close & re-open the Edge web browser again.
  7. In the Edge web browser, visit https://reporting.drexel.edu
  8. Be sure you are still showing connected to vpn.drexel.edu in the AnyConnect application or program on your computer.
  9. LOGIN & RUN A REPORT. Any report will do, but you need to do this to make sure everything is fully installed.
  10.  You may see onscreen instructions about installing Active X controls or other things. Go ahead and follow those onscreen instructions.
  11. Once you successfully run a report, you are ready to go. Definitely do a test report!

Running a Hyperion Report

The Hyperion URL is still at https://reporting.drexel.edu

Find examples at:

More Hyperion Help


Cannot Click Anything Using Edge in Windows

If you run into the issue where you cannot click anything when using Edge in Windows or everything seems small, the following seems to work.

When you run a report, install if prompted to install.

If you are told you need to install something, or something is missing,

click OK, and click to install what is missing or needed.

There are prompts to follow onscreen usually.

If this happens, it may take 5 minute, or it can take 30 minutes to 1 hour, but it usually installs what is needed.

Issues Installing or Using Hyperion

Also, if you run into issues using or installing Hyperion,

installing Java can help.

Java Download website


Install the Software Center Java Exception List

Installing from Software Center the Java Exception List won't hurt anything either.

Feel free to uninstall the VMware Horizon Client from Windows as well.