Zoom -- Student-Made Meeting Rooms, Share between Students


This would be good way of having students create their own little "Zoom rooms" at will that others could not enter.

And that an instructor does not have to create. 

(But instructors cannot audit or record the group work using this method, unless you ask students to share recordings and gather them, and that will be a lot of work for the instructor.)

One Student Quickly Schedules and Shares a Meeting

1 student in group does the following:

  1. Log into Zoom via https://drexel.zoom.us 
  2. Click Sign In Standard> Meetings > Schedule a Zoom meeting.
  3. Make no changes.
  4. Just click "Save" at bottom.
  5. Then the student either...
    Clicks "Copy the Invitation" > "Copy Meeting Invitation."
    The pastes info into email & send email to 1 or more other students in group.
  6. Gives the "Meeting ID" to the 2nd student (or other student group members)
    who then visit https://zoom.us
    Then click "Join Meeting," 

How to Make Another Meeting Quickly

  1. In first Zoom meeting,
    click "Leave Meeting" > "End Meeting (for All)" or "Leave Meeting" (again).
  2. Log into Zoom via https://drexel.zoom.us in a new web browser tab.
  3. Click "Meetings."
  4. Click "Delete" next to meeting that just ended.
    a. Then "Delete" again.
    b. Delete the wrong meeting?
    See Recover Deleted Meeting or Recording
  5. Follow the steps in the "One Student Quickly Schedules and Shares a Meeting" section above.