Bb Learn Library Guide


If you don't want to create a link in the left navigation panel in your Bb Learn course shell, skip to step
     1. Click the plus sign or + sign at the top of the left navigation panel in a Bb Learn course shell.
          (a) Then click "Content Area."
           Plus sign at top of Left Navigation Panel and choose Content Area.png
     2. Type in "Library Guides" for the "Name," and check "Available to Users."
      Type in Library Guides and check Available to Users.png
     3. The new "Library Guides" link appears in the left navigation panel, further down the page.
     4. Hover mouse pointer over new "Library Guides" link, click and hold the up-down arrow icon, and drag the "Library Guides" link where you wish it to be.
      Library Guide move up in left nav panel.png
     5. Click the "Library Guides" link in the left navigation panel.
          (a) Or click a different link the left navigation panel. You have to go to a content area with a "Build Content" button.
     6. Click "Build Content," then the "Library Guides" link in the main area of the webpage.
      Build Content then Library Guides (Custom).png
     7. Enter "Library Guide for this Course" as the "Name."
          (a) And enter "Click link above to access Library Guide for this course." in the description (without quotes).
           Name and Description for Library Guide (Custom).png
     8. Click "Submit."
          (a) Your "Library Guide" is now created.