Card Swipe Access STU Class List Report -- Generate from Hyperion


You'll need Hyperion access, which means using a Windows computer, and generating the report in Internet Explorer only.

John McNamara needs this report once a quarter in order to provide card swipe access for CCI students or those taking CCI classes at 3675 Market.

If you click the folder icon, you get A DIFFERENT USER INTERFACE from what is explained below. For that interface, see: Card Swipe Access STU Class List Report - Generate from Hyperion - Folder Open Method


  1. Open Microsoft Edge from Start menu, *BUT* right-click it.

  2. Choose the option to "Run as Administrator."
    2.1. Otherwise, when you save files, they will only appear when you try to save them again. Weird permission visibility issue.

  3. Visit Hyperion at , and login.

  4. First-time users!
    4.1. Double-click "Explore" icon (tiny magnifying glass with folder icon), then under "Folders" > "Root", click + sign to expand "Drexel" > "Student."
    4.2. Then click one of the options listed below in the next step below.

  5. Not First Time Users!
    5.1. On "HomePage" tab, look under "Recently Opened."
    5.2 Scroll down, find, & double-click the "STU-Class List" Hyperion report.
    5.2.1. EXCEPT IN FALL! IN FALL: use "STU-Eligible-to-Enroll."

  6. From the drop-down menu, select "Class List-Current Enrollments."

  7. Click "OK" at notice not to select all subject codes.

  8. Select the year for the last fall quarter (current term code or academic year).
    8.1. Example: "2018" would be what you select If you wanted a report for spring 2019 quarter. Because fall 2018 was the most recent previous fall quarter, and 2018 was the year for that fall quarter.
    8.2. Click "OK."

  9. Click "OK" with "Q" (for quarter) selected.

  10. Click the current term code. Examples below.
    10.1. 202115 = fall 2021
    10.2. 202125 = winter 2022
    10.3. 202135 = spring 2022
    10.4. 202145 = summer 2022
    10.5. Click "OK."

  11. Click "Custom Values" in the "Filter: Ssbsect Subject Code" window.

  12. Change "Begins With" drop-down menu to "= Equal".

  13. Click "ANTH" and then the "Remove" button to remove it.
    13.1. Remove the OTHER provided subject codes with - button as well.

  14. Type in each of the following subject codes, one at a time, and press the + to add them each.

    Do *not* click "OK" yet.


    15.1. Click "Select All" button in "Filter: Ssbsect Subj Code" window.

  16. Another IMPORTANT STEP!
    16.1. Make SURE that "=Equal" is selected (not "Begins With").
    16.2. Click OK.

  17. Click "Select All" button in "Filter: Crse Numb" window.
    17.1. Make SURE that "=Equal" is selected (not "Begins With").

  18. Do *NOT* click ok yet!!!!!!!!

  19. Press Ctrl key & deselect/de-highlight any course number "Value" that starts with a letter *EXCEPT* the following:
    19.1. Still highlight/select course numbers that start with an "I" (upper case "i").
    19.2. Still highlight/select course numbers that start with a "T".
    19.3. Still highlight/select course numbers that start with a "CI".
    19.4. Still highlight/select course numbers that are only numbers here.
    19.5. DO NOT INCLUDE "A101/B101/C101/D101/E101/F101/G101/H101/etc."
    19.5.1. But make SURE you have CI101 included, if present. But not C101.
    19.6. DO NOT INCLUDE any other course numbers.

  20. Do *NOT* click ok yet!!!!!!!!

  21. Click "Select All" button in "Filter: Seq Numb" window.
    21.1. Make SURE that "=Equal" is selected (not "Begins With").

  22. NOW... click OK.

  23. Press Ctrl key & deselect/de-highlight any section number "Value" that:
    23.1. Starts with 9xx <--- UNLESS JOHN MCNAMARA ASKS FOR (async) ONLINE STUDENTS TOO.
    23.2. Still highlight/select the other section numbers, including 8xx and A1/B1/C1/D1/E1/F1/H1.

  24. *NOW* click OK.

  25. The report will take a little time to generate.
    25.1. Wait until the window.

  26. Once it generates, click "Class Results" in the left nav panel.

  27. From the top Internet Explorer menus, click "File" > "Export" > "Excel 2007 (.xlsx)."
    27.1. Press & hold Alt key if you do not see these menus.
    27.2. One of the windows may say it is not responding. Do NOT refresh/reload it.
    27.3. A temp folder & file with the name you used will appear. Do NOT open it until the 1 window stops saying it is unresponsive.

  28. Click "Save as" to save somewhere on your computer.

  29. Open the saved Excel spreadsheet.
    29.1. Look at the course names quickly.
    29.2. If you see non-CCI courses, you did this wrong, and need to repeat all the steps above.
    29.3. Student names are to the right of several empty columns.

  30. Share the report with John McNamara.

  31. Click "File" and "Close' to run a different report.