International-Related Internet Connection Issues

Possible Solutions

Drexel CCI has students from all over the world, and the online tools we use sometimes can run into issues with the infrastructure, policies, or providers in countries outside the United States.

Here are some possible solutions:

  • Try our suggestions for those internet connection speed or reliability issues within the US.
  • If you want to test any of these, or just have further questions or run into issues implementing these, reach out to if you want to arrange a test Zoom or Ultra or other call with us.
    • Let us know if you are not in the United States, and then what time zone you are in.
  • Try setting the Cloudflare DNS resolving address as your primary DNS address on your computer.

  • Disable location services in your web browser.
    • Anecdotal evidence is that it helps improve Zoom or Ultra or streaming meeting video quality if you are in China or parts of Asia. Possibly other countries and applications as well.
    • This is how you do it without the little prompt asking in the major web browsers if you want to share your location or not.
  • Using Zoom? Issues still? As last resort, try disabling end-to-end encryption in Zoom on your end.
    • Maybe ask the instructor to do so as well.
    • The encryption could possibly again slow things down further if you are having issues.
    • The Zoom live stream is still fairly secure.
    • Try as last resort.

Anyway, you can try these on your own, or again, try reaching out to if you want someone to test these out or if you need help or have questions enabling them.

ONLY students taking Drexel CCI classes should email 

Secondary Work-Around Solutions

Try the above suggestions first.

If the suggestions above do not resolve the issue, the following work-around solutions may need to be employed.