Tux login for Kibana Elasticsearch

  • If you are not on Drexel's wifi or network, you should be on the Drexel VPN -- and no other VPN -- when accessing Kibana and/or Elasticsearch.

  • If you have any access issues, no matter what network you are on, get on Drexel's VPN.

    See VPN

    NOTE #1: Make sure you have the Drexel Cisco AnyConnect VPN application installed & connected to vpn.drexel.edu before you try reaching Elasticsearch. Do NOT use the http:// or https:// or ANY other option near the "Browse" text field at https://vpn.drexel.edu website. That is NOT how to connect to VPN before going to https://tux-es1.cci.drexel.edu:5601/ . 

    NOTE #2: You might not be prompted for MFA and might see a "login failed" in VPN, but before trying to connect again, try to approve MFA for VPN by unlocking and checking your phone (and Authenticator app if they use it) right after login to the VPN to approve MFA.

  • If you do not know your Drexel credentials, as of SP 23, they are your Drexel userid (no @drexel.edu) and Drexel password.

  • You do not need to be on Tux to access Kibana and/or Elasticsearch here at Drexel. And again, you use your Drexel credentials, your Drexel username without @drexel.edu, and your Drexel password. If you need to access Tux for some reason, see Tux Login and Connections.

  • Dr. Weimao Ke & Dr. Mat Kelly & INFO 300 & INFO 624 instructors use Elasticsearch. Elasticsearch is hosted on Tux.

  • If you still have trouble connecting after trying the above, take a screenshot of the error & email ihelp@drexel.edu & describe what you've done to reach Elasticsearch.