If you do not already have a ListServ account, or have never used ListServ before, please review the DU IT documentation on Mass Email Lists.

Lists for mass mailing can be requested by emailing and requesting a new ListServ List.  Existing list change requests can also be submitted. ListServ lists are created by IRT, and it may take up to 1 business day from the time we send the request to IRT for the list to be created.  Lists are usually created much quicker, however wait time may vary depending on the ListServ team's workload.  

Please note that unless we are told otherwise, the requestor will be the primary list owner/manager, and will be responsible for keeping the subscribers list up to date. CCI IT will not update subscriber emails for a ListServ unless asked to do so by the list manager/owner. For more info on managing a ListServ, visit the DU IT website to read their documentation.

Before we can create a list we must know the following information:

List Name
The name of your list will also be part of its email address. In most cases, the prefix "CCI" will be added to the beginning of all CCI lists to make them easier to identify.

List Type (Who should be able to email the list?)
Owners - Only designated owners can email the list
Subscribers - All subscribers can email the list
Public - Anyone can email the list.  If a list is set to public it is strongly recommended that the list is also configured to require the user sending an email to confirm that email.  This will help prevent the list from being spammed.
List Owners
Email addresses of all list owners.
Errors and Replies
Errors To: The email address errors should be sent to. Default is the list owner.
Reply To: Can be a specified email address, or the list itself (if list type is Discussion or Moderated). Default is message sender.

List Subscribers(Members)
Names and email addresses of all list Subscribers.  If you do not have this information now you can send it to once the list has been created