Check Telephone Voicemail Off-Campus or On-Campus

To check voicemail from off-campus in the future:

  1. Dial 215-895-4900. 
  2. Enter your 10-digit Drexel office telephone number. 
  3. Enter your security code.
  4. Press 1 to play messages. 
  5. After message, press 4 to delete message, or press 7 to go to next message.

More on voicemail if you are off-campus (OR ON-CAMPUS), and how to do other telephone-related tasks.

Don't know your Drexel voicemail security code? Email

  • We'll get your office phone #, office room #, phone wall plate #, phone wall plate port #, and work with Drexel telephone requests to get your phone security code reset to a temporary number. You'll have to change it upon using it, and leave a new voicemail greeting and your name (but just once unless you forget your phone security code again).
  • We can also get your voicemail message cleared, if you have a lot of them.