Unable to find Discord Course Categories

Course Registration

We have a Discord bot that helps assign course roles (which gives you access to your categories) but we have to give our bot a class list from from a specific point in time. This means you may be registered for a course in Drexel's systems but we have not yet gotten a new class list to give our bot. If your class has an assignment due using our Discord server, make your professor aware of your registration date and you are still waiting for access based on the below times:
  • If you have been registered for the course since the Friday of finals week you should see access to these categories over the course of break week or by the end of the first day of week 1
  • If you registered for a course over break week you will have access by the Friday of break week or by the end of the first day of week 1
  • If you register for a course after the quarter has started, please wait 48 hours after registering for access to your course categories. During the quarter, student class lists are updated on: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of week 1 and  Monday and Wednesday of week 2 *Please wait until after 5pm of each day to see your categories appear*

If you still do not see your course category and it is passed when access is expected, email ihelp@drexel.edu and attach a copy of your schedule along with the section number of your class

Joined the Server With a Normal Discord Link

  • Some people have joined our server through a regular one time use Discord link, which prevents roles from being assigned with our bot
  • If you know you did not join our server through our sign-up page, please leave the Discord server and rejoin through the sign-up page
  • Once rejoined, your course roles will be applied and you can see your course categories
  • If you have issues joining see this page for possible solutions

Multiple Accounts in the Server

  • There are cases where people may have joined our server on one Discord account, then joined again with a different account
  • Only your last joined account gets your course roles assigned. If you suspect you may have multiple accounts joined to our server, leave the server on all of your accounts, then rejoin at our sign-up page with the account you want to use in our server
  • If you cannot leave the server on all your accounts, that is also ok, just rejoin at our sign-up page with the account you want to use in our server

Can Only See Some Enrolled Courses

  • Only courses offered by CCI are using our Discord server. You will not find math, science, or other non-CCI courses here
  • Not every CCI course is using our server
  • Using CCI's server for course activities is up to the professor. Some sections of a course will be using the server and some will not. We cannot give you access to a category if you are not enrolled in that section