Portable Projector Setup -- Article Listing


Use one of the portable projectors if you are unable to make a projector work in a classroom, or simply need to project a computer display where there is no projector or monitor you can connect a laptop to.

These instructors are for the Optoma HDMI Portable Projectors.

  1. 1. Grab one of the portable projectors from the closet behind the CCI Commons front desk.
  2. Grab a inch-high stack of white printer paper.
    For propping up the front of the projector.
  3. Grab an HDMI cord (in case it's needed).
  4. Grab an HDMI-to-Mini-DisplayPort adapter (in case it's needed).
  5. Grab a Windows student loaner laptop (in case it's needed).
  6. Go to classroom or location where the projector is needed.
  7. Find table or chair to put projector on.
    Preferably one that you can move.
  8. Plug in VGA cable into loaner or instructor laptop.
    No VGA port?
    Use HDMI cord and HDMI adapter.
  9. Plug power cable into projector and outlet.
  10. Turn on 
  11. Adjust size and location of projected image.
    Move table or chair or projector as needed.
    Prop projector up using paper.
  12. Instructor usually presents from podium computer?
    Use Bb Collaborate Ultra so podium computer display is sent to loaner laptop connected to projector.
    Instructions at Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Sharing Podium Computer Display with a Laptop

Instructor usually presents from their laptop?

  1. Have the instructor connect their laptop to the podium, and select laptop on the podium control panel, even if the primary projector is not working.
  2. This should make sure that the laptop's display is being recorded.
  3. Unsure if being recorded or live broadcast?
    Ask the instructor.
    Or once class or event starts, see following webpage to tell if echo360 is recording: echo360 -- How to Tell if Recording
  4. Recorded or not, use Bb Collaborate Ultra, so instructor's laptop computer display is shared with the loaner laptop connected to the portable projector.
    Instructions at Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Sharing Laptop Display with Another Computer