Bb Learn Tests -- Deleting Assignments and Exams

Instructions for Deleting Assignments and Exams

Do not delete assignment or exam links whose corresponding columns contain student grades or assignment submission links.
Here is how to delete any assignment (regular Bb, old Turnitin, Turnitin Direct) or exam link and the corresponding column in "Full Grade Center" as well.
     1. Hover your mouse cursor over the title of the assignment or exam submission link outside of "Full Grade Center."
     2. Click the circled down arrow that appears next to the assignment or exam submission link.
     3. Click "Delete."
     4. Click "OK" to confirm.
     5. Check that the corresponding column for the assignment or exam link no longer appears in "Full Grade Center."
          (a) If the column still appears, see the webpage below.
               i. Bb Learn Grade Center -- Deleting Columns
     6. Contact Mike Galloway, CCI Technology Services Manager, if you do not know how to check or re-configure Total or Average columns in your Bb Learn course shell's "Full Grade Center."

Deleting Master Test Templates

For Bb Learn tests, the master template for the exam will remain in the Bb Learn course shell after the test submission link has been deleted.
If you want to delete the master template for the exam as well, do the following:
     1. Click "Course Tools" under the "Control Panel" in the left-hand course menu in the Bb Learn course shell.
     2. Click "Tests, Surveys, and Pools."
     3. Click "Tests."
     4. Hover over the test whose master template you want to delete, and click the circled down arrow that appears next to the test's title.
          (a) If the "Deployed" column for a test/exam master template says anything other than "No" (meaning there is a test/exam submission link in the named course area in this column), refer to the sections above to check if there are student test submissions, and, if there are none, to delete the test submission link.
     5. Click "Delete."
          (a) If a test has been "Deployed" and if students have started or finished taking the test, you won't be able delete the master template.
     6. Click "OK" to confirm your choice.