Open an RDP file on a Mac

This page serves as a guide to open RDP files on a MacBook. 

Using VCL 

Not using VCL 

If you are not using VCL 

  • You can download and install Microsoft Remote Desktop (MS RDP) from the Apple App Store on your Mac laptop.
  • Link below should open the Apple App store app on your Mac:
  • Install MS RDP on your Mac, and then open the app.
  • Make sure PC's tab/option is selected.
  • Click Connections menu, or the circled ... icon.
  • Click "Import from RDP."
  • Double-click the new rectangle (connection) that appears to connect. Or single click a rectangle (connection) and then click the circled ... icon or pencil icon to edit the connection, or for other options.
  • You'll be asked for a username and password.
  • The computer you are connecting to HAS to be set-up to allow remote desktop connections.

If you need to set-up a RDP connection, or if the above steps do not work.

  • Send an email to with the following information: 
  • Course subject code (CS, INFO, CST, SE, DSCI, etc)
  • Course number
  • Name of the instructor
  • Let us know where to find the particular assignment in the Bb Learn course section for this course
  • Your operating system
  • And include screenshots of how far you get or what errors you encounter.

The above information is necessary to assist you.