A better alternative to Bb Learn Surveys is Qualtrics.

Drexel faculty and staff can access and use Qualtrics, a robust, easy-to-use online survey solution for free.

Student Use - Faculty Should Reach Out to ITG First

If you are a Drexel student, you must be authorized by a faculty or staff member in order to obtain a Qualtrics account.

A request should be sent by the faculty or staff member to itg@drexel.edu & include:

  • student(s) full name(s)
  • username(s)
  • reason a Qualtrics account is needed (e.g., course work or research).

Once the request has been approved, students will see a Qualtrics link appearing in DrexelOne under the Campus+Community tab, in the "Technology Services" channel.

Students should then follow the instructions below to access Qualtrics.

This and additional information can be found at https://drexel.edu/it/help/a-z/qualtrics/

Basic Instructions - for Faculty, Staff, and Students.

INSTRUCTORS! See the section above for how to set-up Qualtrics for student use. The above must be done BEFORE students can use the instructions below.

  1. You can access Qualtrics through Drexel One (http://one.drexel.edu).
  2. Once you login, click "CAMPUS+COMMUNITY."
  3. Scroll to the bottom, and click "Qualtrics" in the bottom-right of the page under "Technology Services."
  4. In the new tab/window, and if prompted whether you already have a Qualtrics account, 
    click "No, I do not have an Existing Account."
  5. Click “Projects” in upper right.
  6. If are creating a new survey:
    Click create a new “Project" > “Survey.”

Video Instructions

Short Version: 

Long Version: 

Qualtrics -- Add Collaborator


  • Be sure *everyone* is accessing Qualtrics from DrexelOne (https://one.drexel.edu) > "CAMPUS + COMMUNITY" > scroll down to bottom right > "Qualtrics".

Qualtrics for Students -- Alternative or Work-Around Solution

See the Student Use section above for the non-work-around solution.

The non-work-around solution above is going to work much better.

In the unlikely event you cannot use the non-work-around solution...

for a work-around, Drexel students can also use Qualtrics if a faculty or staff member useds the "Collaborate" feature & then adds their email address to the Project/Survey.

BUT there are some special steps the student has to take to access the shared survey (covered at link below).

See below for the work-around solution.

But again, we recommend scrolling up and trying the non-work-around solution first above.

Qualtrics -- Copy Survey or Project

If you or a student or staff member needs to copy an existing survey/project, follow the numbered arrows in the screenshot below.

This would be after students get access. Faculty/staff automatically have access.

Qualtrics Copy old Project or Survey.png