QuickTime -- Screen Recording Instructions


Mac only, edits video (limited editing).

  • Pre-installed on Macs and found under Applications.
  • Video Instructions
  • Help (Scroll down to the "Record your screen" section):
  • Record computer display and audio *OR* webcam and audio are defaults.
    • To record audio, see screenshot below where I've circled the arrow you need to click to select your microphone.
    • Record webcam *and* computer display work-around: Click "File > New Movie Recording," position the movie recording window and re-size it and set it to float on top via "View > Float on Top". Then click "File > New Screen Recording” and make a screen recording.
  • Editing? Limited. Can trim unnecessary content from beginning or end of video.
  • Adding video or audio to Bb Learn? See link below (Recordings automatically uploaded to Drexel Streams):
  • Providing captioning for videos you create is highly recommended.

    See Captions.

Adding Video and Audio Files to Bb Learn -- Instructors Only

Instructors and course assistants can add video or audio to Bb Learn. See the webpage below for instructions.


Providing captioning for videos you create is highly recommended. The following webpage will provide instructions for automatically generating captions.

Recovering a Video

See the following webpage.