Video Recording, Editing, and/or Adding to Bb Learn -- aka Screen Record

What is a Screen Recorder?

Screen recorders record your computer/laptop/mobile display, along with audio from when you speak. Webcam video optionally can be added as well. You can make voice-over PowerPoint presentation videos, or demos of whatever you want that is showing on your computer/laptop/mobile display.

Quick Tips:

  • Drexel CCI students can store (and are encouraged to store) videos for classes in Kaltura. To help create that video, screen recorders and editors provided below.
  • Zoom is a fine screen recorder: Hold a meeting with just yourself, and record to the cloud.
  • Kaltura’s screen recorder is awful (memory issues).
  • Kaltura does have limited editing abilities that can be useful, but extensive editing is not advised.
  • Other great free screen recording and editing options provided below.

Screen Recording Options

macOS's Shift+Command+5 keyboard shortcut -- ALL MAC USERS

Zoom -- Windows/Mac/Linux -- All Drexel Students, Staff, Faculty, Adjuncts

  • Zoom -- Recording
  • Use the popular video conferencing tool to just have a meeting by yourself (or with friends) & record your screen.
  • No REAL editing. Just adds skip points.
  • If you download the video or look at it in Kaltura or Drexel Streams, your edits in Zoom will be gone.
  • Use Kaltura Drexel Streams for long-term storage.
  • See Adding Media to Bb Learn via Kaltura or Drexel Streams

FlashBack Express Screen Recorder -- Windows Only

Bb Collaborate Ultra -- Built-in to Drexel Learn or Blackboard Learn

Other Screen Recorders & Video Editors

In order of what we recommend for use.

Kaltura or Drexel Streams -- Windows/Mac/Linux

  • Good video storage solution & decent simple video editor
  • Kaltura Drexel Streams
  • Video editor and storage is all we recommend. Not the screen recorder. 
  • Also, not recommended for extensive video edits, especially on large videos. Quick edits, especially on shorter videos, usually works fine. 
  • For quick edits, see Edit Video or Video Settings in Kaltura Drexel Streams.
  • Works through the web browser in Bb Learn or Drexel Streams site. Video storage solution.

Lightworks -- Windows/Mac/Linux

DaVinci Resolve -- Windows/Mac/Linux

OBS Studio -- Windows/Mac/Linux

OpenShot -- Windows/Mac/Linux

ActivePresenter -- Windows/Mac

macOS's QuickTime -- Mac Users

Adobe Premiere Pro -- Windows/Mac-- Not Available for Students

Camtasia -- Windows/Mac -- Not Available for Students

Echo Video or Echo 360 -- CCI Classrooms Only

Also Available Options

Screen Recording Options -- Mobile Devices


Android -- AZ Screen Recorder

Android -- Built-In Screen Recorders

  • Android 11 Pixel and other phones, OnePlus 6-8+ & 6T-8T+ cellphones, and newer Samsung Galaxy Phones, have a built-in screen recorder option.
  • Swipe down 1-2 times from the top of your Android phone, once you unlock it with passcode or fingerprint or face id, and look for the screen recorder option. Swipe left or right for additional quick setting options.
  • Use Kaltura Drexel Streams for long-term storage.
  • See Adding Media to Bb Learn via Kaltura or Drexel Streams.

Reduce Video File Size? Convert Video?

Adding Video and Audio Files to Bb Learn

Audio Issues

Configure and test your microphone and speakers/headphones by visiting the webpage below, clicking “Mic Guides,” and selecting your operating system (OS).

If you don’t know your operating system, visit the webpage, below and look beneath where it says “YOUR WEB BROWSER IS:”

If you’re still having problems with your microphone, you might want to contact or 215-895-2480, which is the general technical assistance line for CCI.

Recording or Streaming Events for CCI

If you want live events for CCI recorded or streamed on Drexel Campus, or need to borrow equipment for such events, email .

Last-minute and/or disorganized requests or plans for events are likely going to be problematic to record or stream, but we'll do what we can.