Record Screen on iPad, iPhone, or iOS Device -- Older Alternative Method

If you have an issue with these directions, particularly if you are using macOS Sierra 10.12.4, try updating your iOS (iPad/iPhone) mobile device to the latest stable update.

  1. Connect your iPad/iPhone/iOS device to your Mac computer by the USB Lightning cable.
    1. This is the charging cable that came with your iPad/iPhone/iOS device.
  2. Enter pin/password or use fingerprint reader to unlock your iPad/iPhone/iOS device.
  3. If prompted:
    1. Tap "Trust" on your iPad/iPhone/iOS device.
    2. Allow access to iTunes.
    3. Sign into your iCloud or Apple account.
  4. On your Mac computer, open "QuickTime" from the "Applications" folder.
  5. If prompted to open a file, click "Done."
  6. Click "File"
  7. Click "New Movie Recording."
  8. Click the tiny down arrow or next to the red record button.
    Down arrow next to red record button in Mac QuickTime recorder.png

  9. Select your iPad/iPhone/iOS device.
    iPad selected for Camera source in Mac QuickTime movie recording.png

  10. Not seeing your iPad/iPhone/iOS device display on your Mac computer display?

    1. Quit "QuickTime." Disconnect your iPad/iPhone/iOS device display from your Mac computer, wait 20 seconds, and redo all of the above steps again.
  11. If you want to record, visit the Apple support webpage below, click the "Record" button there (or scroll down to the "Record" section).