How to make rules/filters in Outlook

Have you looked at any rules or filters you have in place? Go to

  • Login with Drexel email and password
  • Click the "Settings" gear in the upper right
  • Click "View all Outlook settings" in the lower right, then "Mail" in the left nav. 
  • Look under "Rules" first. Then "Junk email" second.

If on a Mac, I recommend going to "Apple icon" > "System Preferences" > "General" and making sure the option to "Always show scrollbar" is selected.

Also, check the similar rules/filters area for the installed Outlook application/program if you use that on your Mac or PC on the installed Outlook application/program for Mac.

Click the "Home" tab at top > "Rules" or "Mail" menu > "Preferences" > "Junk Mail" tab 

See if there's anything in either place that looks odd. 

On installed Outlook application/program for Windows, click "File" menu > "Manage Rules & Alerts" or "Home" tab > "Junk" > "Junk Email Options."

If the issue persists, forward this email to and set up a time with us to meet with you by Zoom or in-person to troubleshoot further.