Diagrams, Wireframing, Prototyping Tools -- Adobe XD, Balsamic, Miro, More

Recommended List of Tools -- Try These 1st!

If you need flowcharts or UML or other diagramming tools similar to Microsoft Visio (especially if you are on a Mac), or a collaborative whiteboard tool, some of these tools may work great for you.

There is also:

Use These with Zoom

Optional, but Zoom does have its whiteboard feature, and we'll link to info about that below.

ALSO, optional, but also note: you can also use these tools, with -or- without screensharing since you can collaborate often with these apps in real time without screensharing in Zoom, and use Zoom to talk or chat with one another in real time, if wanted.

See: Zoom -- Whiteboard, 2nd Webcam, and Writing


In addition to this list of designing software applications, Balsamiq's Wireframe for Desktop is great because you are able to open local (.bmpr) files saved on your computer and cloud projects from their own integrated cloud.

The only downside (in comparison to other free software) is that there is only a 30-day trial, then you will need to buy a license to edit your work.

Although, viewing the extension file (BMPR) remains free regardless.

License is a one-time purchase, which is something to note if you would like the benefit of having a dedicated cloud.