Zoom Virtual Walk-In Meetings or Public Links

  • Be VERY familiar with the contents of the following webpage.
    Zoom -- Managing Users, Privacy, and Security Measures

  • Consider using a Zoom Webinar if hosting large event with 50 or more people.

    Email ihelp@drexel.edu to get help setting up a Zoom webinar.
    We will work with DU IT's Zoom Admins to get this set up for you.
    Let us reach out, as we need to know in case tech support is needed, what the meeting link is

    Here are differences between Zoom webinar and a normal meeting.

    See wepbage below for more info.
    Webinars for Large Virtual Meetings or Talks or Lectures

  • For walk-ins, schedule a Zoom meeting that reoccurs with No Fixed Time.

  • Do not use Personal Meeting ID Zoom meetings for any large meetings, or if you publicly post your Zoom meeting link.

  • Enter as Host or Co-Host.
    So you can remove, mute, or manage participants.

  • Use the Waiting Room feature.
    Pick & choose 1-4 or more specific people at a time to enter the meeting.
    Move people back to waiting room at any time.
  • Know how to remove participants completely from a Zoom meeting.
  • “Lock the Zoom Meeting” after meeting starts. Unlock when finished.

    Zoom -- Managing Users, Privacy, and Security Measures
    Scroll down to "Lock the Zoom Meeting" section.

  • Make the following changes to individual scheduled Zoom meetings.
    • Login to https://drexel.zoom.us
    • Click "Meetings."
    • Click the meeting.
    • Scroll down and click “Edit this Meeting.”
    • Scroll down to and disable "Only authenticated users can join meetings."
    • Disable “Only authenticated users can join meetings from Web client."
    • Click “Save” to save changes.
    • You won’t be able to have any non-Drexel people otherwise.
  • When you or someone else posts the Zoom hyperlink
    or web link in social media or a public website,
    try to make sure the text of the hyperlink or link is a real word or phrase, such as
    Virtual Walk-In Hours (just an example)
    or the like,
    and not something with the actual Zoom URL, such as
    https://drexel.zoom.us/meeting/9999999999 (just an example)

    If not possible, disregard this, but this can help.
  • While it’s a minor hurdle to any black hat hacker who actually knows what they are doing,
    most will take the path of least resitance.
  • Also, the bots used to search for Zoom links in public spots often only looks for text rather than links.