Discord -- Right Navigation Bar and User Search

Right Navigation Bar

In the top-right corner of Discord, there are several navigation options for the current server.



  • Shows all active and archived threads on the current selected channel. For more info, see Discord -- Threads.


  • Unmutes notifications and unread indicators from currently selected channel.


  • Mutes notifications and unread indications from currently selected channel, EXCEPT mentions.


  • Shows the pinned messages on the currently selected channel.


  • Toggles the display of the member list panel on Discord.
  • For more info on member list, see Member List Information below.


  • Searches the messages on the current server.
  • Search options include: from specific user, specific date, specific channel, etc.


  • Shows mentions from all servers.
  • Shows unread messages from all servers.


  • Directs you to Discord Help Center on the browser.
  • Find help for everything on Discord.

Member List Information


General Info

  • All users in a channel will show up on the right panel.
  • Offline users will always be displayed at the bottom.

Member Roles

  • Users can be designated roles displayed in the order chosen by the owners of the server (i.e. Advisor, Faculty, TA, etc.).
  • Within a role, users are organized in alphabetical order.
  • Colors are only used to organize users with a certain role.

Channel-Specific Member

  • Users who have access to a specific channel will show up on the member list.
  • For example, if a channel has special permissions, only users with access to that channel will appear on the member list.