Gitlab -- Account Confirmation and Avatar Issue

Gitlab - Account Confirmation & Avatar Issue

1. Go to

Make sure to select Tux account (LDAP) tab and not standard tab. Put your Drexel User ID (without and your tux password. If you forgot your password, you can reset using this link


2. Go to your profile on the top right and click on edit profile

Under the email box, click on resend confirmation email.

git profile

3. It should bring you to this 'Almost there' Page

Almost there

4. Go to and check Junk and Deleted Fol

  • Make sure to log in using your drexel credentials
  • Check for the confirmation email in your inbox - both focused and other tabs
  • If not in your inbox, check in your junk folder
  • if neither in inbox, nor junk, check your deleted folder

5. Go to your Deleted Items folder and click on Recover Items deleted from this folder.

deleted items

6. You should see the gitlab confirmation email in the recoverable items

Recoverable folder

7. Right click on the gitlab confirmation email and click on restore

restore email

8. The email should now be restored into your junk folder

junk folder

9. Go ahead and click on the confirmation link in the email to confirm your account.

10. Open a new tab in your browser and maker sure you signed out of Gitlab 

11. Sign in to using your drexel credentials. Make sure to sign in using LDAP and not standard.

12. Go to your profile settings and your drexel email should appear under the email section. 

All other gitlab features should work now. You should also be able to upload your public avatar as well. 

git profile