echo360 -- Rebooting echo360 Devices in CCI Classrooms

Echo360 is NOW named Echo Video, starting in 2023.

Here is how CCI Commons staff can reboot an Echo Video SafeCapture HD device.

All CCI classrooms have an Echo Video or echo360 Pod devices in them or near them. This is the device that allows for recording, storing, and streaming video and audio feeds from CCI classrooms for events and class recordings.

These devices should be rebooted once a week, when nothing is being recorded.

Rebooting an Echo Video device can also often FIX technical issues with recordings or live broadcasts.

Echo360 takes 1-3 minutes or so to fully reboot. The live video stream and recording will start immediately afterwards again, but expect a gap of 1-3 minutes or so.

To reboot an Echo Video device, do the following.

  1. Grab the podium from the CCI Commons. Cabinet 1, but you must be work for CCI to go behind the CCI desk.
  2. Bring a cellphone with a flashlight option or a flashlight.
  3. Enter the CCI classroom, go to the podium lectern, and face the seats where all the students sit.
  4. Open the front right door of the podium lectern.
  5. The Echo Video or Echo360 device will have a display on it.
  6. Find the small power jack that plugs into BACK of the Echo Video or Echo360 device.
  7. Pull it OUT OF THE BACK of the Echo device. Wait 10 seconds. Plug the power jack back in.
  8. Close the podium, and go check the Echo Video live stream. Problem often resolves when video returns in 1-3 minutes.