Discord -- Main Section for Messages

Messaging Section

In the main center section of a channel, you will find all the messages for the selected Discord channel.


  • At the top-left, you will find the name of the selected channel
  • You can send attachments/files through the chat. Upload size of 8MB, unless upgrade to Discord Nitro (subscription service)
  • At the bottom-right, you will find options for gifs, emojis, and stickers. For more information, see Discord -- Emotes, Gifs, and Stickers

Right-Clicking/Hovering Over A Message

When right-clicking/hovering over a message in Discord, you have several message options:

Note: Message options change depending on your permissions for the channel


  • React/Reply to the message 
  • Create a thread. For more information, see Discord -- Threads
  • Edit/delete your own messages
  • Three dots will display more message options to choose from