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Echo Occurring?

  • Everyone in the same physical room as the host user should *mute their computer microphones and computer speaker volume.*
  • The host user is the exception. The host user should NOT mute their computer microphone and computer speakers UNLESS the host use is using a phone or speakerphone for audio. 
  • If the host user is using a phone or speakerphone for audio, then the host indeed should mute their computer microphone and computer speakers.

Screen Freeze or Lag? Delayed Audio?

  1. Have all participants mute their audio and/or shut down their video when they are not using it.
  2. All participants should close any open applications or browser tabs or windows they are not using during the meeting.
       (a) Closing non-essential apps in the lower right (System Tray) in Windows or upper right (Menu Bar) in Mac could help as well.

Deleted a Scheduled Meeting or a Recording

Invalid Meeting ID or Invalid Meeting Number Error

General Tips

  • Try the above tips *FIRST,* and only do the ones below if the issues persist.
  • Screen sharing or application sharing of very high resolution or 4K displays can sometimes be a factor.
    Ask presenters to change their display resolution to something closer to 1920x1080 (which is still HD).
  • Participants on their own personal WiFi or other network might to try shutting down any other devices on their personal WiFi network to increase the overall available bandwidth.
  • Do not use https://zoom.us for Drexel Zoom.
    Use https://drexel.zoom.us for Drexel Zoom.
  • Only host 1 meeting at a time on your own account.
  • Drexel Zoom meetings can be schedule to last as long as 24 hours long, if need be.
  • Zoom meetings recorded to the cloud are captioned and transcribed automatically and available to those who attend.
    The captioning and transcript are not good enough for students or instructors who need special accommodations.
  • International participants can use Zoom to hear and be heard for free through their computer.
  • International phone rates apply if the phone is used for audio.

Advanced Instructions

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