Zoom -- Scheduling

Managing Privacy, Security, and Users

Be sure to review Managing Users, Privacy, and Security Measures at the link below.

Video Instructions -- Zoom Scheduling

Zoom Sign-In -- Written Instructions

  1. Visit https://drexel.zoom.us
  2. Click "Sign in Standard."
  3. Login with your DrexelOne userid@drexel.edu and DrexelOne password.
    Emeritus Faculty Only: You may need to use your Drexel email address that contains your fist name, (usually) middle initial, and last name followed by @drexel.edu.
    Example: michael.j.galloway@drexel.edu
  4. If the Zoom app opens instead & asks for you to login:
    Click “SSO” or "Sign in with SSO." (SSO = Single Sign-On)
    Use “drexel.zoom.us” as the “company domain” in the prompt.
    Click “Continue."
    Zoom_Enter_your_company_domain_drexel v2.png
    Click “Open link” or similar to use “zoom.us” to open the link/application.
    Click “Schedule” to schedule meetings.

    Zoom_Schedule_in_Zoom_app_or_Start_without_vid v2.png
  5. Click “Meetings” in left navigation panel.
  6. Click “Schedule a New Meeting.”

Zoom Scheduling -- Written Instructions

  1. Go to & login to https://drexel.zoom.us
    See section below if issues with logging in.
  2. Fill in the form.
  3. For “Topic,” give meeting name or host's name,
    meeting date, start time through end time, time zone,
    building name, room number.
    Recommended: Keep it short as possible.
    Example: OLC ETC Mtg, Fri, 9/28/18, 3-4pm Eastern, Rush 137
  4. In “When”, put in day of meeting and start time.
    REMEMBER to select AM or PM.
  5. Enter “Duration."
  6. Select “Time Zone.”
    Usually Eastern or GMT -4 Eastern.
  7. If you want “Recurring meetings,” check that box.
    Then specify how often the meeting will reoccur.
    If you have a meeting that changes day/date/time,
    under “Recurrence,” select “No Fixed Time.”
  8. Leave Video “off” for both “Host” and “Participant.”
    Attendees/Participants can turn their video on themselves.
  9. For “Audio,” choose “Both."
    So you can choose telephone or computer audio.
    Helps with audio problems in particular.
  10. Under “Meeting Options,” check “Enable join before host.
  11. Choose “Record to the Cloud."
  12. If you wish, check “Record the meeting automatically.”
    Helps if you don't want to forget to record a meeting.
  13. Do not check anything else.
  14. Click “Save.”
  15. If you wish to have people register for a meeting:
    Great idea if you have large meetings,
    or if you are publicly posting the Zoom.
    See Zoom -- Using Registration for Public Zoom Meetings
    If publicly posting the Zoom:
    See Zoom -- Tips for Virtual Walk-In Meetings or if Zoom Link on Public Website
  16. Scroll down & click “Copy the invitation."
  17. Copy/paste & share the invite info with others via an Outlook email.
    Here is a sample invitation.
    Not a real Zoom meeting.
    Zoom_Calendar_Invite v2.png

Schedule Large or Publicly Posted Meetings

If you are scheduling a large meeting, or a meeting with the Zoom Meeting link publicly posted,
be sure to ALSO review the following, in addition to instructions below.

Schedule a Zoom Meeting for Someone Else

Telephone-Only Conference Call

  • Schedule a Zoom meeting.
       •  As shown above.
  • But only share 1 or 2 of the Zoom meeting phone numbers, plus the Meeting ID.

Phone number & meeting ID are in the email or calendar invite.

International calls will cost money. International participants should attend by computer only to avoid charges.

Deleted a Meeting and Need to Recover?

Scheduling with a password