Zoom -- Record without Participant or Student Names

You can disable participants’ names & thumbnail video
if/when they share their screen or talk in Zoom cloud recordings
by doing the following.

Thumbnail video = minimized video showing participant sharing video.

*2* helpful screenshots beneath instructions below.

Here are the Instructions.

  1. Visit https://drexel.zoom.us , and login.
  2. Click “Settings” in left navigation.
  3. Click “Recording” tab.
  4. Under “Cloud Recording” & “Advanced cloud recording settings,”
    uncheck “Display participants’ names in the recording.”
  5. And uncheck “Record thumbnails when sharing.”
  6. We also recommend to…

    Uncheck “Record gallery view with shared screen.”

    Uncheck “Gallery view”
    under the checked “Record active speaker, gallery view, and shard screen separately.”

  7. Scroll down & click “Save.”

Screenshot #1 of 2

Zoom Settings Recording.png

Screenshot #2 of 2

Zoom Cloud Recording Settings.png