Solutions for joining CCI's Discord Servers

These instructions fix the most frequently encountered issues joining Discord. Including:

  • Unable to finish all the steps to sign-up for Discord
  • Getting redirected to another page on 
  • Not seeing any CCI servers in your list of Discord servers

*Our primary Discord server is only open to current CCI students or any student enrolled in a CCI course for that quarter. If you are trying to join our primary server and you do not meet the above criteria you will not have access to join*

Step 1: Try clearing your cookies or cache and then visiting Discord Sign Up

  • This link has instructions on how to do this for various internet browsers

Step 2: Try changing internet browsers and then visiting Discord Sign Up

  • While the sign-up link works for all internet browsers, if you are continuing to have joining issues it may help to try a different browser

Optional: Try to join a few times

  • Sometimes it takes a couple of tries to join our server. This could be a result of Discord having issues on their end or our server/bots struggling to join users during high-volume times like at the beginning of a quarter
  •  If you are trying to join during the beginning of a quarter try to join a few times throughout the day before moving to step 3

Step 3: Email with the following:

If you are a CCI Student:

  • Include which step you reach last from these instructions: How to Join CCI's Discord Servers

  • Include a screenshot of the last page you see before getting redirected
  • If you see any errors, also include a screenshot of the error

If you are not a CCI student:

  • You must be enrolled in a CCI course for the current quarter to join our server
  • Email a picture of your current schedule showing you are enrolled in a course at CCI. If you registered for the course within 48 hours of trying to access Discord, please wait until 48 hours has passed to try accessing the server again