Instructions for Turning Off Lapel Mics in 928 Seminar Room -- Article Listing

  1. Open the lapel mic battery pack's front panel.
  2. Press & hold Power button to turn on.
  3. Tap "Privacy" button so Green/Yellow or Unmuted.
    Tap "Audio Control."
    The Privacy" button should be Yellow/Green or Unmuted, like so.
    Classroom privacy button - mics not muted
    And NOT a WHITE BUTTON. So not like below.
    Classrooms privacy button - all mics muted<---- NOT THIS!!!!!
  4.  Set "Mic" & "Program" and "Main" audio levels low.
  5. Mute ceiling mic.
  6. Tap to mute/select amplified.
  7. Look inside the podium.
  8. Press and hold Power button to turn on SENNHEISER box/device.
  9. Tap to DE-SELECT or UNMUTE the "Amplified" icon.
    Opposite in this from all other rooms.
  10. Slowly raise levels on "Audio Controls" until you hear yourself well.
    Screenshot from another room, but provides what you want to see.