Not Receiving Email from Bb Learn


If you are not receiving email from Bb Learn, and you have tested out sending email from Bb Learn by clicking "Course Tools" > "Send Email" and then one of the listed options, almost always, the issue is that you have a email filtering rule set to dump these emails into your spam, junk, deleted items, or trash folders.

Check Outlook Rules

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, click on the "Rules" icon in the toolbar at the top of Outlook, (click the "HOME" tab if you don't see it). Then click "Manage Rules & Alerts." Look through the rules. If you cannot make any sense of the rules or need assistance completing these steps, contact us @

Check Exchangeweb Rules -- Not for Office365 or Users

If you are not using Microsoft Outlook and you are faculty or staff, you should check the rules in your Drexel Exchangeweb account at . Login, click "Options" under your name in the upper-right, click "See All Options," click "Organize Email," and look through the Inbox rules. If you cannot make any sense of the rules or need assistance completing these steps, contact us @

All faculty, staff, and student's Drexel mail accounts will be moved to Office365 and/or in 2017, and these users will likely no longer need to check email filters in their Drexel Exchangeweb account.

Filters or Rules in Other Email Applications

If you are not using Microsoft Outlook, you should check the email filtering rules in whatever email application you are using. If you do not know how to do this, contact us @

Check Bb Learn to Make Sure You Did Not Opt-out of Receiving Emails

Another thing to check is if you opted-out of receiving emails. The instructions below will opt you back in, no matter what.

1.     In Bb Learn, click your name in the upper right corner of the webpage.

2.     Click “Personal Information.”

3.     Click “Set Privacy Options.”

4.     Under email options, uncheck the boxes.

5.     Let me know if your CI 491 Bb Learn course shell’s box was checked or not.

6.     Click “Submit” whether anything was checked or not.

Edge Internet Browser Should Not Be Used

Microsoft Edge is the internet browser that is pre-installed with Windows 10 computers, but a bug was discovered with Edge around 10/27/16.

On webpages where you upload a file, if you have that file open in another program, the file you upload will be blank.

This is not an issue with Bb Learn.

Blackboard has reported the issue with Microsoft, but there is no estimate on when Microsoft will implement a fix.

Until this issue is fixed by Microsoft, the Microsoft Edge internet browser should not be used with Bb Learn, or with Drexel CCI coursework in general.

Use one of the following internet browsers instead: Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer (Windows), or Safari (Mac).