External Mac monitor support

If your Mac display is not working and you need to backup or access files, use the following instructions with an external monitor.

Video on how to connect a Mac with a broken display to an external monitor:

  1. Plug in a secondary monitor to your Mac
  2. Three-finger swipe up on the touchpad to add another desktop
  3. OR use the Command key + Spacebar to type in the Spotlight Search bar
  4. Type in 'Mission Control"
  5. Add a Desktop, select the added Desktop
  6. The external monitor will display the newly added Desktop
  7. Move the mouse to the bottom of the screen to have the taskbar popup
  8. Right-click an application, hover over 'Options', select 'Desktop on Display 2'
  9. The invisible window will now appear on the external display
  10. Backup any data or important files to a cloud, storage drive, hard drive, or flash drive, so you can have your Mac repaired and continue working on another device in the meantime.

Other ways to connect to an external monitor:

  • Command key and F1 key
  • Option key + Command key + F1 key
  • Click on the 'Apple menu'  > 'System Settings', then click 'Displays' in the sidebar to extend or mirror your Mac desktop across multiple displays across your external displays.

Please Note: The F1 key is on the touchbar for Intel Macs, if your touchbar is broken or not working, then you are unable to use the F1 key. 

Connect one or more external displays with your Mac

The following link explains how to connect to an External Display on the macOS User Guide.